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CFS is Not a Public Funeral Service Provider.

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of beneficial services designed to support your staff and business. 

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Illinois Counties of Coverage:
Boone, Kane, Lake, McHenry, Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Winnebago, Will & Kendall

Wisconsin Counties of Coverage:
Walworth County, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Jefferson, Rock, Milwaukee, Qzaukee, Washington, Dodge, Dane & Green

Additional Capabilities:

  • Assistance with Advanced Decomposition Cases
  • Assistance with Bariatric Cases
Cremation Services:

Cremation Services:

All Cremation Services Include Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service.

  • Standard Cremation Services
  • Bariatric Cremation Services
  • Cremation of Casketed Remains
  • Witness Cremation Services
  • Removal of Medical implantation Devices
  • Flameless Cremation (NEW)
  • Storage
Embalming Services:

Embalming Services:

  • Embalming Preparation at Your Facility
  • Embalming Preparation in Our Care Features/Disinfection/Dressing/Cosmetics/Casketingwith Bariatric Cases
  • Embalming of Autopsied Remains

Funeral Directing Assistance:

Funeral Directing Assistance:

  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Funeral Assistant/Wake Attendant
  • Phone Forwarding Services
Livery Services:

Livery Services:

Our vehicles are guaranteed clean and our drivers come professionally trained and funeral ready.

  • Hearses with Driver: Silver, Navy, Black
  • Limos with Driver: Black-Six Door
  • Lead Car with Driver
Ceremonial Services:

Ceremonial Services:

  • Ceremonial Horse Drawn Hearse
  • Ceremonial Horse Drawn Family Carriage

Additional Services:
White Dove Release



  • Death Certificate Filed In Illinois
  • Death Certificate Filed In Wisconsin
  • Death Certificate Pick-Up
  • Consulate Trips
  • Death Certificate Correction/Re-filing
Transfer Services:

Transfer Services:

  • Airport Drop-Off of Human Remains (Any Airline)
  • Airport Pick-Up of Human Remains (Any Airline)
  • Funeral Home to Funeral Home Transfer
  • Facility to Facility Transfer
  • Funeral Home to Facility Transfer
  • Facility to Funeral Home Transfer (Post Removal by our Staff)
  • Cemetery Drop-Off/ Graveside Services
  • Funeral Home to Non-CFS Crematory

If there is a service that your firm requires that is not on our price list please feel free to reach out to us and we will work our hardest to accommodate your needs.
-Thank You