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CFS is Not a Public Funeral Service Provider.

Special Hiring Opportunities




Our mission is to make trade an approachable, sustainable option for fresh faces and established experts alike through every stage of their professional journey.  The unforgiving demands of funeral service and especially independent trade obstruct and discourage many, many people from the specialty who should be allowed to excel.  People of any race may find certain Students, apprentices, and first-year directors are often treated as disposable – especially in Chicagoland, with a multitude of nearby programs. 

We took a chance on one another and got to do the coolest job in the world as newcomers.  Now we get to share that!


Trade is still very much the old-style “wild west” of funeral service.  Very quickly we collect stories that would impress any funeral director, and with the rate of calls we all see, we rapidly gain skills and instincts for almost any situation, even the completely novel ones that still manage to sneak up.  At the start, every call might be a struggle – in a more traditional setting, it might be one forever.  Instead of encouraging someone giving their all to bow out of direct care and stay in the office, we help and support our staff members to reach their potential – even if they didn’t think that potential was possible or they’ve been told not to bother or even if it seemed they were there when they arrived.

Compassion Funeral Service is proud to show off all the ways “polished and professional” can actually look, and all the different packages strength and competence can come in. 


Funeral service is notorious for its burnout rate.  On top of that, funeral folk-wisdom puts the professional life expectancy of trade work at just seven years.  Compassion Funeral Service takes work-life balance seriously, though.  We enjoy a more-than-living income, four days off a week, two weeks of vacation, and additional time off by request.  

At Compassion, “like a family” means free ice cream after your boards and surprise snacks because one of the managers was going past your drop-off location.  It means colleagues who readily share their knowledge and experience, from new in the field non-licensees to 25-year interstate industry veterans; it means that same variety of colleagues eager to hear yours in return.  It doesn’t mean you need to keep your phone on 24/7 so you can be there for your “family” at any moment.

Benefits of the Good Old Days, Culture of the Future

Our staff members can bring their entire selves to work, and we hear constant praise from every direction for it.  When we walk up to a colleague, client, or family, it’s as a whole person who cares – that makes a difference.  The team is genuinely diverse in a multitude of ways, and has been since the very start.  We are open and genuine together, creating a tight-knit community full of opportunities for everyone and fostering a spirit of collaboration and respect.  We say no to the limitations, to the demands, and to the rigidity of back-in-the-day funeral service, and yes to the compensation, benefits, and support that once made those jobs lifelong options anyway.

Competitive pay

  • $35k to $47k for non-licensed assistants (approximate)
  • $46k to $63k for apprentices (approximate)
  • $70k-$100k+ for full licensees (approximate)

Apprenticeship program

  • Unique trade-world training
  • Established but constantly evolving
  • Variety in experiences
  • Structured for Success

Staff Development

  • Constantly developing program
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Connections for growth opportunities
  • Supportive environment for:

    • Mortuary School
    • Additional licenses
    • New certifications
    • Further education
    • Skill development
    • Constructive continuing ed


  • Three-day-a-week full time schedules
  • PTO (two weeks)
  • Additional (unpaid) flex-time
  • Top tier Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance options – employer matched
  • Top-tier Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance options – employer matched
  • $100,000 life insurance – fully employer-paid

    • Additional coverage available
    • AD&D coverages available
  • Vision insurance – fully employer-paid
  • 401(k) plan

    • Plan management – fully employer-paid
  • Short-term Disability Insurance – group rate available
  • Long-term Disability Insurance – group rate available
  • Critical Illness* Insurance – group rate available
  • Boutique Benefits

Special Hiring Application

If you have questions regarding our apprenticeship program, please use our contact form on the contact page.